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All of our gold and silver finished pieces are gold or silver filled.  Metal beads are usually 24K hand painted over copper.  With proper care of  your TRE' SISU jewelry you can extend the life of your jewelry.  All Jewelry is delicate so tugging, pulling, and placing in places where it maybe smashed will eventually damage your item.

All TRE' SISU Jewelry pieces are handmade and or assembled in the U.S.A.  All of our pieces are carefully looked over to ensure satisfaction of each piece.  Since each item is unique and most are even one of a kind, we suggest following the product care steps provided to extend the life of your TRE' SISU Jewelry. 


- Do store your jewelry in a jewelry box or jewelry bag to avoid tangling and or scratches.

- If you have a crystal piece of jewelry you may gently wipe away debris with a clean soft cloth.


Do Not

- Do Not expose your jewelry to water, cleaning chemicals, perfumes, and lotions.  

- Try Not wear your jewelry while exercising for long periods of time or while being in the sun for an entire day.  Sweat will change the finish of metal jewelry.